S.I.T. Food security and nutrition

WHY STUDY FOOD SECURITY IN ITALY? Examine the intersecting issues of food security, health, and sustainable development while exploring the rich and varied culinary traditions of Tuscany and Italy. While on the program you will live at Castello Sonnino, an historic estate dating back to the 13th century, located within walking distance of the village […]

MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY Signature Program: International Fermented Foods in Italy

Students should consider the potential for a follow-on internship or full time job as the class is conducted. Cultural immersion will be through daily activities, site visits, exploration, and academics.  Unique accommodations will be in a castle, This course is a 3 credit hour course. See the ‘Academics’ section below for more academic information. Itinerary […]

UBC Rural Sustainability in Central Italy

This program will be led by Dr. Donna Senese. This experiential seminar explores the historic and contemporary connections between local food and wine and the tourism industry in the rural countryside of Tuscany. Within a framework of sustainability students participate in local food and wine production and agritourism consumption. This program fits with UBC’s growing focus […]

AUGSBURG UNIVERSITY – Writing la Dolce Vita: Food, Art, and Culture in Italy

This experience will introduce students in one of the most inspiring and evocative places for writers and historians in the world.  A historic cross-road between East and West, Italy has for centuries drawn travelers from North Africa, the Arabian peninsula, Europe, and the Americas by its radiant landscapes, verdant agriculture, and lasting legacies of art […]