March 11th – March 18th 2023 – Ausburg University – CGEE in Italy

March 11th – March 18th 2023 – Ausburg University – CGEE in Italy

Course Description:

CGEE partners with Castello Sonnino International, a historical farm and winery that produces quality wines, olive oils and antique grains. Castello Sonnino sits on 150 hectares, in the heart of Montespertoli, the smallest Chianti sub-region just 20 kilometers southwest of Florence, Italy. Montespertoli is a small village within walking distance from the Castle with approximately 14,000 inhabitants, offering a farmer’s market, shops and restaurants and surrounded by rich grapevines, olive groves, and forests. Castello Sonnino dates back to the 17th century with a medieval tower from the 13th century and has been inhabited by noble Florentine families throughout its history. Today a portion of it has been transformed into an example of sustainable development for researchers, educators and students committed to preserving the environment and cultural heritage.


Popular Themes

Popular themes in Italy include (but are not limited to):

* Agriculture and Sustainable Development
* Architecture and landscape architecture
* Arts and Culture
* Art history
* Biodiversity
* Business
* Craftsmanship
* Cuisine
* Edible plants
* Enology: the science of winemaking
* Environment and Ecotourism
* Fashion
* Food security
* Food Sovereignty and Sustainability
* History
* Marketing
* Olive Oil Production
* Politics
* Religion and Faith
* Slow Food Movement


Augsburg University: 

DATES: March 11th – March 18th